User information

Opening hours: from 7:30 am to 18:20 pm.

Capacity: 30 places for children aged 2½ to 4. School children under 5 can be accepted on Wednesdays and holidays, depending on availability.


Meals: Children's meals are cooked on site by our cook. Parents are asked to supply their own formula for babies.


Childcare: parents are requested to supply the items needed for their children's care: nappies, creams, saline solution, medicine plus prescription...

Illness: In case of contagious infections or high temperatures, children are not admitted. In case of fever or illness arising during the course of the day, parents will be contacted by telephone and asked to collect their child as soon as possible. 

Tarifs: The nursery charges the hourly rates recommended by the CAF, means-tested according to family income. For example, the rates between 0.34 and 2.67 € per hour for the first child.